Friday, October 28, 2011

Bullman's Tattoo Studio.

Front of the shop.
If like me you are a tattoo/piercing enthusiast such as myself then I recommend you check out Bullman's Tattoo Studio. I found out about this little gem on my first visit to Limerick City ever. 

It is situated underneath The Zip Yard at 15 Thomas Street which made it kind of hard to find. Danny Bullman , the bossman of this studio, has been tattooing for 11 years and has won an abundance of awards for his artistry and I think this is a clear indication that he is quite good at what he does for a living. Another indication that he's a top notch tattoo artist is the fact that the notorious punk rockers MISFITS band memebers have been tattooed by Danny personally. Danny Bullman takes pride in what he does and so has a strict age restriction in place. Unless you have a believeable fake ID, like my friends did the day we visited,  you will not recieve any form of body modification, piercing or tattoo. A strict hygiene policy is also in place, each neede that is used is opened in front of the customer as proof that they are sterilised and clean. 

Orla having her tattoo done.

 Bullman's isn't too pricey either with a base price of 25euro you can't go wrong. There's a wide range of tattoo portfolios for you to choose from and if there isn't a design that tickles your fancy, the artists can come up with a custom design for you. If you're interested in getting some work done check out the Gallery.

Sean Bullman is in charge of piercing. Anywhere you want pierced, Sean can do it.  

The guys in the studio are so laidback and down to earth and will answer any questions or queries you may have about tattoos or peircings. It's a quality place to go if you're looking to be inked.

Danny also has a Bebo page which is a little more up to date than the website. 

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