Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Siege of Limerick IV, Bakers Place, Oct 24th.

The Siege of Limerick,now its 4Th year on the trot has become one of the most popular metal events in Ireland.It attracts bus loads of metallers from all over the country, and boasts a varied enough line up to keep all satisfied, regardless of what sub genre of metal you're into (trust me there's a few!). It was widely advertised on message boards, facebook, myspace and through posters in Limerick City.I found out about it first on the Metal Ireland website. Having played at it last year,I knew it was definitely worth my while taking a look at it again this year, as we had had so much fun the last time and the overall experience of the day had been excellent.They really know how to party in Limerick!

Setting off from Galway at midday, we arrived around 1 and the music was already in full swing and both floors of the venue half full. Excellent we thought and got dug into a few pints. It was an absolutely beautiful day aswell, so between sets we spent the majority of the day sat at the monument on Bakers Place.

The first full band set i caught was Them Martyrs of Galway.Having just released their ep for free on bandcamp, they have been getting some really positive reviews both here in Ireland and abroad. Their original singer is studying abroad in Italy at the moment so they had a stand in singer, Kieran of Trenches. It was interesting seeing them with a different vocal style, they sounded harsher than before, which is a good thing in my book! It was only 3 or so in the afternoon but the mosh pit was well on its way. Good fun.

I ventured downstairs then for Three Hour Ceasefire, I honestly couldn't tell you though if they were good or not( i was told later on, they were excellent) I was too busy been thrown around the pit. Imagine a rag doll been dossed around by a group of young kids playing catch.

So battered, bruised but happy i made my way back upstairs to catch Trenches. Just back from a two week stint in Europe, their set was really tight and very enjoyable. Their riffs are just so crushing and melancholic mixed with great dual vocals and an overall sound that is pure heftiness.

Last band i caught were Mael Mordha. They've been around for a long time and to be honest I'm not a fan at all but they have a massive following so it was packed in the venue and all were in good spirits. Shane, the promoter of Bakers Place, spent the guts of hour painting peoples faces with warpaint as Mael Mordha are a Gaelic,doom, battle metal band.

I didn't stay for the end of their set as my friend offered a lift back home but it really was sucha good day.I cant wait for the next one!

Nicola Cosgrove

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