Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently I was browsing the Internet when came across I used and discovered that there is a milk market in Limerick city every Saturday from 08:00 am to 16:00pm. The milk market is an outdoor flea market selling everything from home made produce to second-hand jewellery

Limerick city’s food market is the most famous food market in the region which has been around for over 150 years.

The Milk Market is covered by a large canopy which guarantees you a fantastic day no matter what the forecast is. Limerick food market contains fresh, natural products, tasty cheeses,jams, fish, fruit and vegetables and chocolate to die for. Whilst walking around the stalls you can snack on all sorts of delicious foods.
There is a great atmosphere every Saturday whether it’s sunny or raining.

On Saturday the 16th of October I took a trip into Limerick City. I visited the Milk Market which I had come across on It took me five minutes to get to the Market from Arthur's quay shopping centre. When I reached the Market I was hit instantly by the beautiful smells and aromas and colours from all the different foods. There was an excellent atmosphere around the place and was quite busy.

The stalls were individually decorated and displayed their produce very attractively.Each stall was completely different to one beside it. The stall in which I particularly enjoyed was the “Wilde Irish chocolates”. The chocolates are all handmade, hand decorated and packaged by staff.

There were many different chocolate bar flavours plain chocolate to fudge and chocolate spreads. I spoke to the owner Patricia Farell who was more than happy to discuss her business with me. Her business has been blooming for many years and she has always been the manager . She told me that all her produce is made at her farm in co. Clare. Her chocolates were delicious.

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