Thursday, October 28, 2010

My failed attempt at an event in Limerick

I recently looked up events taking place in Limerick city that might interest me. I searched for museums and discovered a number of museums and galleries that I could be interested in seeing, in particular the Limerick Gallery of Art. . I had often walked past the people's park and had seen the building the was connected to it. It is an interesting looking building with some nice archetecture. I decided on seeing the site directions online

8&q=Limerick+City+Gallery&fb=1&gl=ie&hq=Limerick+City+Gallery&hnear=Limerick+City+Gallery&cid=0,0,11272729422302344023&ei=kdzJTNChO8yT4QbbuqHdDA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=4&ved=0CCwQnwIwAw that I would pay it a visit because the other gallery I was interested in (Hunt Museum) cost 8 euro for admission. Not a chance!!

I got the bus into the city on Wednesday the 27th of October, excited about what I would find in the gallery. After enduring a particularly overloaded, stuffy bus journey to town

I arrived in the city, totally lost as I had forgotten my directions on my desk. What a perfect was to start the trip!

I spent fourty minutes trying in vain to find the gallery, asking a number of locals who seemed to have either never heard of the place or seemed to enjoy sending me in the total

ly wrong direction. I eventually managed to stumble upon the building which actually turned out to be really near to the bus station!

By this stage I was at my wits end, but I had at least managed to find the place. But what happened next was the final straw. As I approached the door I noticed a sign;

Closed until February 2011.

2011?! What a disaster. I've travelled all the way in on the tiresome bus journey, endu

red being squashed next to smelly students breathing on me, wandered around for what seemed like an eternity, walked to the totally other end of the city and back again because of useless directions only to be met with a notice saying closed until next February. I couldn't believe it! I had even bothered my poor mate(who was not particularly happy e

ither) to come with me to use his phone as a camera to prove I had actually read that sign. I didn't know what to do at this stage, I had not planned to find my destination closed for renovation.

We decided to wander around the city in an attempt to salvage something from the trip. My friend kindly paid for some chips in the nearest chipper which slightly improved my mood! While I was eating those fries I assessed the situation and tried to remember whether there had been any notification of this on the web site I had found this gallery on. I was sure I had not se

en anything about being closed on it and when I managed to make it back home I did not see any announcement about it. What an utter disaster it was, frustrated and flustered I wrote this blog to warn anyone who wants to go see some culture in that gallery, they're out of luck until February 2011!

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