Thursday, October 28, 2010

Limerick Volkswagen and Classic Show 2010

Every year the Limerick Classic Car Club run an event in Limerick in conjunction with many of the Volkswagen/Audi group enthusiast forums. This year the venue was changed from the Mungret GAA grounds to the Unigolf car park in the National Technological Park in Plassey. As a venue for the event this was far preferable to earlier years, as the GAA grounds being a very large field it made the day unpleasant if weather conditions weren’t favourable. The space allotted in the Unigolf car park allowed ample parking for the cars on show with plenty of space around each car for viewers to admire them up close. The location also allowed people who weren’t participating to park their cars in one of the many nearby car parks in UL and still be within walking distance of the event.

The turn out was sparse in the morning as the cars arrived, but later in the day the numbers grew and there was a large crowd in attendance. As it was a mixed event, the more modern VW/Audi group cars were seperated from the classic cars, as per usual. This year however there was a far smaller turnout from the classic car clubs and even the classic cars seemed to be more focused on older model Volkswagens.

On display were many different models, from the Volkswagen Beetle to the Mark 1 Golf GTI, with only the likes of the old Ford Escort filling up the ranks on the classic side. With regards the newer model VW/Audi group cars there was something from almost every model released in the last 15 years in attendance, all modified by their owners to a standard set out by enthusiast forums in their unwritten rule book. All in all the quality of the cars involved was a credit to each owner who clearly took pride in their cars and in some cases spent a vast amount of money on both upkeep and modification.

I’d recommend the annual Volkswagen and Classic show to anybody with an interest in cars both modern and old. More details can be found on the Limerick Classic Car Club website or on one of the many enthusiast forums in Ireland such as VAGdrivers or VAGE.

Brian Dineen (10003411)

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