Thursday, October 28, 2010

Better than You at Trinity Rooms 9/October/2010

For our class, CS4031 Introduction to Digital Media, our assessment 2 asks that we write about an event that we have recently attended. Our assignment requires us to have found out about this event via a media source and to write an account of it in a Blog. The event that I attended was Better than You’s gig in Trinity Rooms on the 9th of October at 22.00 o clock.

I found out about this gig via an invitation through Facebook. I am good friends with some of the band members and I had seen some of their sets before but in the interest of this assignment I decided to look them up on the internet “”. This search showed up a pretty impressive review of the band, it also unveiled to me some of their achievements of which I did not know about. These being their win at the Coca Cola Regional Finals held in Cork ‘09. This also secured them a top place in the national finals held in The Academy in Dublin.

On the night of the gig I arrived at Trinity Rooms at around 9.50pm, the queue was quite impressive, it stretched all the way down the street. I was hoping to get in before 10 o clock as it was free beforehand and being a student, free things mean good things! I could here the band’s loud opening and the crowd kick off with a joyous cheer from the outside. To my disappointment I didn’t make it in before 10 and paid a reasonable entrance fee of five euro.

The venue itself was well set up to accommodate the band. It is a well known venue, it is one of the largest clubs in Limerick with several different rooms and a large outdoor courtyard. The venue is well furnished with nice comfortable seats and large tables for a nice social drink. Or a large dance floor and many bars for you and your friends to party the night away with!

The gig was of a top quality. The music was superb, the band played a range of genres clearly showing their supporters that they are not afraid to venture into new styles of music and show off their brilliant talent. Their musical talent ranges from dirty rock to heavy metal to Michael Jackson covers to their own productions. The lights were used at the perfect moments to change the atmosphere and mood of the crowd gathered around the stage. They put on an epic performance and the show ended an hour and a half later at 11.30pm. They proudly walked off the stage leaving the crowd screaming for an encore!!/betterthanyou.irl

Sean McGrath DMD

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