Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exium in Dolan’s Warehouse

Last Saturday (23rd of October) I went to see Exium DJ in Dolan’s Warehouse. This was one of my first nights out in Limerick and my first night in The Warehouse.

I heard about this event from my favourite listings website Resident Advisor. Resident Advisor is also great for music and equipment reviews for dance music fans. I’ve been using this website for the past year to sort out my nights in Dublin but since it gives listings for club nights and DJs worldwide it only gives listings for Ireland in general. Even though it’s great for Dublin I’ve rarely seen it being used for anywhere else in Ireland. This time however I found night in Limerick with a headlining act that sounded very promising. After checking them out on YouTube it looked like it could be an alright night, it wasn’t my favourite genre but I could adjust.

We arrived to the door at about 11saw no queue and got a bit worried but it was still early days. We went inside to hear some pretty decent supporting DJs playing and the venue looked pretty good as well except it looked better suited to a live gig instead of a DJ set, so far worth the €10 entry though. The atmosphere was brilliant with some chats to be had but the dance floor looked a little empty at this stage which is to be expected this early on in a night.

We continued socialising until 12:30 when the main event began. Exium took to the stage and got the crowd going in no time. They played out their mix of techno until closing and left with a huge send off.

Even though I didn’t expect much of the night I have to say I had a great time and so did everybody else and I know I’ll definitely be going back to the Warehouse again.

Couldn't find a video from the night but I found one from the night before where Exium were doing their thing in The Underground Dublin.

Declan Egan (10128832)

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