Friday, October 28, 2011

The Stables Club

The Stables Club
Individual assignment 2
Marc Etherington – 11129905

The Stables club is the largest bar on the campus, it is located in the Student Union courtyard. It is probably the most visited building in the students union among the students. The Stables Club was founded in 1987 and is entering its twenty fifth year of business. It is popular among students due to its close proximity to the main areas of accomodation, it’s cheap drinks and food and the quality of it’s entertainment. I have found myself and my friends regularly paying The Stables a visit and many a good time has been had there. The Stables club is known not only as a great pub but also a great (and cheap) place to eat lunch and dinner. Their soup is great by the way! It is also great for a sneaky afternoon pint after a long lecture or lab.

The staff at the stables are one of the main reasons it has been so successful, some of the staff have been their since it opened in 1987 and they try their best to ensure everyone has a great time.

The stables club is also the backbone of all of the main events throughout the academic year such as Fresher’s and Charity week with a large amount of the events being held there. It provides a great facility to the students as it is for the students unlike other bars.

The stables club also has a large outdoor smoking and eating area where people can converse and relax without the loud noises of music and people trying to shout over it.

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