Friday, October 28, 2011

Limerick Milk Market

After taking my first visit to the Milk Market of Limerick, I can easily say it is a great way to spend a Saturday morning, with cafes, countless stalls selling crafts, fruits, veg and chocolate delights. You certainly wouldn't find yourself stuck for something to do, especially with all the fantastic pastries on offer! It had a very cosmopolitan feeling to it, jam packed with the regular locals and some visiting tourists. 

The market meets everyone’s needs, from beautiful home made sundried tomatoes, to designer clothing. There’s even something for the kids to do, with Moody cow having set up a stall at the market, and all the chocolate stalls dispersed around the market. Its a great place for any age group.

Another thing that added to the lively atmosphere, were the buskers, adding a melody to the constant chatter and buzz of the place. Music lovers will find themselves a treat if the venture inside the cheese store in the centre of the market, where top class musicians play a wide variety of genres.

                                         The market’s selection of organic foods also attracts many of the customers. You can get anything from homegrown potatoes, carrots and parsnips, to more unusual homemade pickled vegetables, chutneys, jams, the list goes on.

And the shopping doesn't end with the stalls. Right in the heart of the market in the enclosed court, there are several little shops adding to the selection. There's a fishing shop, a clothes shop, and several cafes to choose from.

I also found out that the milk market has undergone extensive development over the last few years. It has changed from being a car boot sale type of market to more of trendy and modern market, similar to the famous Quincy Market in Boston, the Victoria Market in Melbourne, and of course our very own Corn Market located in Cork, visited by the Queen. The center of the market now has a dome cover, closely resembling a ship sail, giving it a maritime feel. It never ceases to amaze and impress its visitors.

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