Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Georgian House and Garden.

                       The Georgian House is located in Pery Square, On my visit I was greeted by a woman who showed us around. This prestigious building has amazing decor, from the original floors being preserved since the Georgian times to the highly maintained gardens. This building was restored by the Limerick Civic Trust. "Limerick Civic Trust is a self-funding Conservation a Society which initiates and undertakes a programme of projects for the general improvements of Limericks environment in conjunction with local authorities  state agencies and other interested parties". - To find out more you can refer to there website.

                                           While on our tour we were shown a typical day of a Georgian family home. The kitchen was located in the basement where the maids would cool and sleep. It was set up perfectly with 'dummies' dressed in the Georgian attire, the tables were made, and the original stone hob was still in-tacked. Another element of surprise was The Carroll Collection a significant display of family heirlooms and military memorabilia dating between the late 1700's and the 1920's. The front hall was the most impressive I thought personally. The high ceilings which accommodate the arch stand out with the white band surrounding it, and the original coloured 'marble like' walls gave a sophisticated look. 


While on the tour, we found out that not only does the Georgian House cater for tours, it is open for occasions for many civic, corporate and cultural events including : Christenings, Intimate wedding receptions, Retirement Functions.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

For more information on this you can find it under venue hire. A typical example of a room we viewed would be the one you see before you on the left. The original Fireplace has been preserved in mint condition, the windows are of original fitting and the wallpaper was redecorated based on authentic colours and pattering.

For any more information you might want you should visit the The Georgian House Website. And if your passing why not pop in???

Amie Costello. I.D 10157174.

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