Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fight Like Apes @ The Stables Club

Ah  yes The Stables, the fine establishment located on campus adjacent to the courtyard. Founded in 1987, as well as the webpage they have a facebook, The Stables Club has grown to be the largest club on the University of Limerick campus. In that time, the Stables has become the focal point of campus social life. The Stables Club provides its customers with a place to relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is also an outdoor pavillion suitable for barbecues. Their success has been based on their dedication to providing the best possible service and an atmosphere that lets both the student body and faculty relax in comfort. Also The Stables often organizes events and gigs such as the Halloween party on Wednesday 26th  and the Fight Like Apes gig. 
Last week as I was preparing for my maths exam I heard that one of my favourite Irish bands would be playing in the Stables that night. The night before my maths exam, struck with a tough decision I decided to hit the books and be finished in time so that I could go to the gig. As soon as I finished I got on my bike and cycled in from Groody. The tickets were very cheap considering the bands status in Ireland, €7.50 and a free pint coupon. They're album is more expensive than that at €8.99 in HMV. I met my good friend Graham inside who had been waiting for some time. He told me that I hadn't missed much, the support band had just finished and weren't great. 
Before I continue, I must tell you a little bit about Fight Like Apes for those of you who don't know them. Fight Like Apes are an Irish alternative rock band formed in Dublin in 2006.They are known for their elongated record titles, usually inspired by B movies. They have released two albums.Fight Like Apes have toured the UK with The Prodigy and Kasabian and have played several Irish and European festivals throughout their career. The band have been nominated for five Meteor Music Awards, Their debut album was nominated for the Choice Music Prize and they were named the fourth best Irish musical act of their generation by The Irish Times in 2009. They're web page is They also have a facebook and a twitter
After grabbing my free pint, the band burst into their opener Something Global and with every minute that passed the gig became better and better and better. The band were very involved with the crowd, MayKay, the female vocalist even hopped the barrier and encouraged the crowd to sing into her microphone. Because of the lack of advertising there was a small crowd but almost anyone who was there was a dedicated fan which made the gig possibly one of the most fun gigs I've ever attended. The band were so involved in the crowd that they asked some lucky few to go onstage with them for the final songs, my friend Graham was lucky enough to enjoy that privilege. Unfortunately the video freezes somewhere in the middle but I hope you enjoy it :D

After the gig we went out to the pavilion and hung out with the band for a while, they are down to earth and a lot of fun. Overall it was a great night in a great pub.
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