Wednesday, October 26, 2011

National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland

The amount of University of Limerick's art collections is surprisingly large. I actually didn't know about the collections before I started to look for a place that would be interesting. From the University's page I found the National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland.

In 1977, when 15 self-portraits were purchased, the collection began. [1] After that the National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland was founded by the National institute for Higher Education in 1983. Nowadays collection consist of circa 450 different Self-Portraits from over 250 different artists. [2],[3] Most of the artworks in the collection are two dimensional but some multimedia and new technology works are also included. [1] They have been made with oil, water colour, print, collage, ceramics and stained glass. Also sculpture section is available. [3] "Its purpose is to form a collection illustrative of self portraiture in Ireland and of self-portraiture by Irish artists" [4]

Recently (20th October 2011) new additions has been unveiled to the collection and they will be in display until the end of November 2011.[2]

Additions are artworks from the following artists [2]:
-Robert Ballagh
-John Byrne
-Charles Cullen
-Joe Duggan
-Brian King
-Sean Lynch
-Des McMahon
-Robert Ryan
-Dermot Seymour
-Maighread Tobin

In my opinion this collection represents
well the great artistic level of Ireland.

National self portrait collection of Ireland is located in the University of Limerick's Foundation building.

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-Antti Paananen (11066172)

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