Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Faber Studios

Faber Studios is an art studio/gallery that can be found on Lower Catherine Street, Limerick City. Coming from UL, if you get off the bus at the Centra stop on O'Connell Street, turn left and walk towards Thomas Street. Take a right there and walk untill you meet the corner of Lower Catherine Street where you will find a place that looks like this right here:

This is Faber Studios on Lower Catherine Street.

As described by themselves on their blog;
"Faber Studios is a collective of emerging artists who work in Limerick City. Faber is an exhibition space, we aim to promote and facilitate object based sculpture and mixed media work."
Taking a vacant building that had not been used for some years, Faber Studios opened in 2009 with its founding members Clive Maloney and Chris Boland. Five different artists are currently involved with the studio. They are dedicated to creating a working space for artists and an exhibition space for the general public and fellow artists.

Faber Studios holds many events throughout the year in the form of exhibitions, artist talks and studio days where the public come to see a working artist's work space for themselves.

Nevan Lahart Talk

Faber Studios are continuously working in hand with Limerick School of Art and Design to facilitate exhibitions by local artisits. They also work on projects with some of Limerick's secondary schools.

The evening I visited the studio, The Occupy Space Graduate Residency Award Exhibition was on. The month previous to this show, two artists: Ronan McGeough and Rachel Healy, explored their practice in this studio. The exhibition ran in the same space they created their work, from 31st August until 3rd September.

Rachel Healy's show, I Mean It Means, displayed an animation piece that focused on communication. The video was called She Is Us.

Ronan McGeough's show, The Broken, Plastic, Playful World of Contemporary Urban Life, was a collection of oil paintings which transformed familiar urban landscapes into something strange and imaginary.
Ronan's exhibition won and so now he is one of the the five current artists working at Faber Studios.

Both artists have a blog where they update information about their work. You can visit them here:
Ronan McGeough - http://www.behance.net/ronanmcgeough
Rachel Healy - http://nothoughtforfurniture.blog.com/

And visit Faber Studios. There's always something fantastic to see there. For true

Graham Patterson (11137665).

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