Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ultimate Handsomes

Venue: Dolan’s, Limerick

Date: 22nd October 2010

Club Night: Panic – Daft Funk / DJ Flip & MC Marc Stretch a.k.a The Ultimate

The club night I have mentioned above is the biggest night in Limerick. It runs every Thursday with music that caters for all. The event I decided to attend promised to be a big one as a Daft Punk tribute act which are touring the country at the minute, have absolutely everyone talking. Funnily enough, these weren’t the guys I was there for! I was there to see The Ultimate Handsomes. One the Handsomes – DJ Flip – Is two time world scratching champion (Turntablism) and is also a friend, so naturally I was there for support.

I hadn’t met the other Handsome - Stretch – so I was surprised as he was quiet tall and being from California his accent stuck out among the crowd! Instantly we got on great as we share an interest in all types of music, so conversation came easily. Stretch and Flip are currently touringEurope so it was really interesting listening to both of the guys tell stories, from over 20 cities on the continent. The different cultures, the clubs, the food and of course the lovely weather!

Finally it came to part where the guys were on. I was really exited as I had previously supported DJ Flip at an event I run in my hometown, so knowing what he can do on the decks and having seen videos of MC Stretch…it promised to a night of epic proportions! At first a lot people there didn’t know what to expect as an act like this never preformed in the club before but once MC Stretch began free-styling while Flip dropped the beats, everybody looked on in awe. Track after track they got more and more into it as did I. Towards the end of the performance the crowd had actually invaded the stage and were dancing with Flip and Stretch, the guys of course loved the attention as it was their first time playing in Limerick and feedback like that is always welcomed! A quote from their fan page reads “Thank you Limerick for our best Irish gig to date, madness!!”

I thought it was an excellent performance and look forward to playing once again with both of them as they know how to work a crowd and gaining that knowledge alone is invaluable. Going out down here in Limerick and seeing the various events that are happening around the city has changed my opinion of the area. It is a wonderful city full of lovely people and interesting places and I look forward to spending another few years down here taking it all in!

(Watch from 3.oo mins onward)

Jay Skelly (10002909)

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