Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Limerick Port

Limerick Port

The Norse vikings destroyed an earlier settlement on the site of the limerick docks

over 1100 years ago.During the 17th century civil wars,limerick port was beseiged by William of orange and Oliver cromwells armies and in the 1800's the clock tower was erected and limerick docks became rich from trade, however with the merger of ireland and great britain and the great famine brought economic instability to the region.the oldest and proudest tradition in limerick is that of the port and it is ideally situated due to a number of important trade routes to the atlantic.

Port Commerce

Limerick is managed by (SFPC) Shannon Foynes Port Company
and contain quays of a total of 914 metres long and with a
depth that depends on sea levels and tides that range from
.5 metres to 1.2 metres.The berh can accomodate vessells
up to a whopping 152 metres long.The port also houses 5.7
thousand square metres of warehouse space and 2.8 thousand
square metres of storage space for bulk cargo.It handles about
550 tonnes of cargo each year.


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