Friday, October 29, 2010

UL Live Final

I received an e-mail on the social networking site 'facebook', inviting me to the final of the UL battle of the bands. .
In the e-mail I was informed that the Irish band Fight like Apes were going to be headlining the event. I replied that I was attending not only because I knew it was going to be a major event in UL but also because my band, Blank were competing in the final.

The gig was being held in 'The Stables'(a pub on the main campus of UL).The night started early for me as I had to be in The Stables before the crowd to drop in the instruments. We were told we would be playing second so we watched the first band and got ready. Then we played our three songs and I came off the stage really happy with our performance.

Three other bands played their sets after us and we knew we had extremly tough competition. Every band had a big crowd and received a good reception. There was a long break after the last band and everyone was waiting impatiently for Fight like Apes to hit the stage. As we watched them set up on stage the anticipation built and built. As expected, they did not dissapoint. They tore the stage apart and delivered a 10/10 performance to a packed Stables pub. They even played an encore because it was clear the crowd wanted it.

Another break followed Fight like Apes but it was not boring as a DJ kept the crowd entertained. Then the results came. The nerves were really kicking in now and the tension in the room was very intense. I Caught Fire were announced winners and deservedly so.

Needless to say I was dissapointed that we lost but I had a great night and so did everyone else i was talking to. The night was an overall success and Fight like Apes even managed to sell their t-shirts to eager fans afterwards.

Niall 0'Sullivan (10104712)

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