Thursday, October 28, 2010

Traditional Music At Dolans (The Dock Road)

As I am from Limerick I have known Dolans as a venue for quite some time. Only recently I have noticed the traditional sets which it is renowned for.I went down on the 22nd of October at 8 pm. From their website ( I got information about how to contact the bar so I planned the night ahead by phone. Unfortunately there was no detailed information about the Traditional Music on the website. Once I arrived I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome. I came in towards the start of the session which seemed to be in full swing already. I talked to some tourists during it and they were directed to Dolans by friends and family as people have spread the word abroad which says a lot about the reputation about the bar.

There were not many people at the event to begin with but as the night went on more seemed to pour in off the street. The atmosphere was great and people seemed to be enjoying the music all through the night. The musicians themselves really were having a good time with the craic that was going on around the bar. The musicians played a variety of instruments such as the Bodhran, Oillean Pipes and the Concertina which they were very talenetd at playing. It was good to escape the heavy rain and howling wind for awhile to sit and enjoy some quality Irish music with some entertaining and talkative people. Lately it is as if Limerick has forgotten about the Traditional music scene but it lives on strong and well in Dolans. I definitely recommened a visit to this establishment as you will not be disappointed with the night you will have.

The good thing about the set also was that people seemed to come in and join who brought their own instruments. This is what defined the night for me, that someone could stroll in off the street and decide to play a couple of songs then sit and enjoy the music like the listener/viewer. In all i thought the night was brilliant and deserves a lot more attention than it gets as people from all over the world are envious of us here in limerick with such talent at our finger tips.

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