Thursday, October 28, 2010

ThreeSongs@The WhiteHouse

For our class ,CS4031 Introduction to Digital Media, our assessment 2 requires us to write about an event in Limerick city, on a blog.
The evening I was thinking of starting the assessment, I was reading the Limerick Post and lo and behold, in the entertainment section I saw a night been advertised called "threeSongs".

I checked out the events website on, and learned that the night was organised by a guy called Chris Wood and had been around the Limerick scene for three years.
its residence was The White House on O'Connell street every tuesday night from 9p.m. The emphasis of the night original music performed by the song writers themselves. It is a good place to air new material in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The venue itself has a charming quality and full of character, in the White house you'll find interesting accoutrements adjorning the walls to keep you occupied while downing your favourite beverage, ideally porter, as its not bad in there!.

The format for the night is open mic style and everybodys welcome, musicians, songwriters and and fans alike. there are no pre arranged shows so anyone can take part. The performer plys only 3 songs and then its some one elses turn. great variety and not that much pressure to have a really long set together. This season the theme for "threesongs" is "songs from other lands", performer

i would recommend any budding singer / songwriter to check out threesongs, its a good place to try some of your own material and to play to an encouraging crowd, or if you dont have your thing together yet get down there and pick up some inspiration/tips/help off other songwriters there and see whats going down....every tuesday, 9pm @ the white house.

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