Friday, October 29, 2010

Skate Park, Mount kennet

On the 18th July 2008, the skate park at Mount Kennet was officially opened by the mayor John gilligan. It was designed by Mr. Nic de jong and constructed by Messrs John Craddock Ltd. Construction began in april 2008 and it was completed within twelve weeks. The total caost of construction was €300,000. The department of environment, heritage and local government donated €125,000 towards the project and the remaing cost was paid for by the Limerick County council.

The Skate park is located beside the river at Mount Kennett. It is open from 9 - 9 every day during Spring and Summer and from 9 - 4 in the Autumn and Winter. Every day there are Skaters, most between the ages of 12 and 19, skating here or just hanging out with their friends. There is a very friendly environment at the skate park, all the locals were very welcoming to my friends and I and we even learned a few new tricks! It's busiest after school hours on weekdays and on the weekends as most of the people who skate and hang out there are teenagers. As well as skaters and observers, many people film and photograph the skaters and post their videos and pictures up on youtube and facebook. Some people who wern't skating were playing guitar and singing songs. Two of the skaters i met were sponsered by the local skate shop.

It's more than just a skate park to these teenagers. It's a place of their own where they are not bothered by adult supervision, they feel a certain amount of freedom and are free to be themselves. Some of their best teenage memories will be from that the park at Mount Kennett.!/pages/Limerick-Skatepark-Mount-Kennett/116528608357306?v=wall

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