Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Shindig 28th October

I found out about Baker Place when I was looking for events in Limerick. I visited their MySpace page ( and I saw that they have a lot of gigs taking place every week. I received an email about the Halloween Shindig taking place in Baker Place, from the Music Society. “Don't forget that this Thursday 28th October there will be a Fancy Dress Band Night!! in Bakers Place for the annual UL Music Soc Halloween Shindig!”

I looked up more information on Facebook. I looked at Bakers’ Facebook page ( and their status was: “MUSIC SOC helloween bash // THUR 28 OCT, 9pm-FREE BAKER PLACE ____ DJ TALL JOHN BA // UNDERGROUND 11pm-FREE”

I also read about it from the Music Society’s Facebook page. “Hallowe'en Shindig III in Baker's this Thursday. Plenty of bands, plenty of pints, headlined by Silent Front!”

Baker Place was not what I expected as it is completely different to any clubs or bars I have been to. It is unique from all of the other bars and clubs I have been to because it caters for a wider audience for example the main bar is where all of the gigs take place with, rock/metal being the main genre. The second bar (The wicked chicken) is a place for people with alternative tastes in music such as Indie and Techno. The third and final bar is in the basement and is similar to other nightclubs as it has a DJ playing the latest hits in chart music. It’s a perfect place for bands and musicians to play and get a bit of a reputation for themselves and it has a very relaxed atmosphere. Bands involved in the Music Society were on all night for example Return to Sender, Rogue, Balls On Parade, etc. They were supporting Silent Front who were headlining on the night. The bands performed covers as well as original songs. It was an epic night and I can’t wait to go to more gigs in Baker Place.

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