Friday, October 29, 2010

Finals Of UL Live!

EVENT: Final of UL Live
DATE: 21rst October 2010
Final of UL Live with Fight Like Apes:

Video of band blank playing live at event:

(Video can be found here:


I arrived at the event, held in the Stables in UL, at about 7:30pm. I came in early because my friends band, blank, were performing in the contest and needed to be early. The stage was set up in the corner of The Stables bar, and was relatively large considering the size of the pub. There was a fairly large crowd there even at this stage however. I bought my ticket at the door, and went to the bar for a pint when I got in, I had Bulmers on draft. My friends were behind the stage getting there intruments ready, so I waited at the front of the stage for the first band to play. The bands name was The Loaded Kings, and I thought they were pretty good. Another band called “I Caught Fire” also played, and were crowned winners of the competition in the end. They were much too good to have been playing in The Stables, a lot of people were convinced they were a support act for Fight Like Apes, the headline act . Fight Like Apes came on at about half nine that nigh, and played a full set. They were fantastic. They played all their famous songs, such as “Something Global” and “Lend Me Your Face”. My mates band, blank, played well, but tbh were outclassed by the winners, I Caught Fire. After Fight Like Apes finished playing, I had another pint or two with my friend and then we journeyed home, where I made myself a cup of tea and watched some tv. All in all, it was a fantastic night.

Link to facebook page of bands who I mentioned:

The Loaded Kings:
I Caught Fire:
Fight Like Apes:

Eoin Costigan. 10106928.

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