Friday, October 29, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

On the 28th of October I attended a show, which was put on in CentreSpace Studios in Limerick City. I first saw posters for this show on facebook and figured it could be a good show to see! The team that performed this show are a group of teenagers who regularly put on shows, and this one was just suited for the time of year. I've been familiar with this show since I was young so it was interesting to see how it would be portrayed on stage! and!/group.php?gid=70689733746 were where I found out about this particular show!

Just from looking up there website and then finding more about them on Facebook, I found out that this company is very well established, and it's director Richie Ryan does much for the city of Limerick. Along with Maire Keary who was the musical director, and is for most things put on in regards to this company. The shows they put on are of great standard and have a great name throughout the city.

I arrived and was greeted by people in costume and even leading up to the stage was made out in a sort of halloween themed setting, it was pretty cool and I wasn't anxious to leave to already it could have been alot worse! The turnout was good and from what I gathered the other shows had sold out. The stage was set up in a cool way, there was the main stage, then a middle runway type leading to the back of the hall where more stage was set up. The two sides allowed for a change of scene done very well! In the show itself there's a change of worlds from Halloween to Christmas and they achieved this very well, which I was wondering how they would do!

The Costumes for the show i feel really made this show, the costumes were absolutely brilliant! From a rag doll girl to a man who's looks like a big thatched bag, it was done very well. The masks spot on with those of the original movie! Overall, the cast performed this play very well and it was a very enjoyable night!

Cian Scanlon, 10121021, MMPT.

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