Friday, October 29, 2010

Seige of Limerick, Headbanger's day out

If there was any speculation that the heavy metal scene in Limerick was on the decline, they were all dispelled on Sunday 24th of october with the fourth seige of Limerick held in Bakers Place. The Seige featured some of the countries premiere heavy music bands of varying genres from hardcore punk to black and celtic metal. Something for everyone who enjoys throwing up their horns and banging their head , if only for a little while.

I found out about the seige through the Bakers Place myspace page looking for gigs in Limerick as the basis for my assignment. Bakers was an ideal location from my point of view as it is a place i am very familiar with. Not only this but Bakers is run by a top class staff and a fantastic sound enginear who ensured that the bands sounded at their best all day long.

The unique aspect of the seige compared to other gigs of this type is the interaction between the bands and the crowd. Just like the audience the bands are there to have a good time, interact with people, talk about musical influences and approach to music and of course, to listen to some heavy metal. This year's seige was a great chance to see some of Limericks own talent in the form of bands such as 3 Hour Ceasfire, Shardborne many others. The main act of the night, and a deffinate must see of the day were the Gaelic Doom metel band Mael Mordha

Truly there is no other gig in Limerick which compares to the Seige of Limerick in terms of either the quality of music or atmosphere. What was started in Bakers is andwill hopefully be for many years to come a great day out for the headbangers of Limerick.
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