Thursday, October 28, 2010

Relentless Tour

Relentless College tour 14th October.
The Relentless College tour came to UL on the 14th of October, I passed through the courtyard Thursday morning to find the relentless company set up in a corner beside the Student Union shop Spar. The hosts for the event welcomed me with a free cup of Relentless and said to take as much as i wanted. I turned to see the BMX riders who were very enjoyable. I sent my friends a text informing them of the presence of the Relentless company in the courtyard. , the company came with they're finest BMX experts. The company also supplied the campus with free Relentless energy drinks for all whole day.

My friends and I drank lots of Relentless and the amount of cups we had grew and grew, soon later my friend came up with the idea of making a pyramid. We drank as my cups of Relentless as we could so we could end up with loads of cups and a huge pyramid. With every ones help we ended up with a pretty impressive pyramid. I took pictures of the progression of the pyramid.

The Relentless crew made more announcements of the free drink, but we were too full to have any more. We were commended by the Relentless crew for our efforts in the construction of the Relentless Cup pyramid. People started to gather around the tent as the day progressed and everyone seemed to enjoy the BMX riders.

This is an advert for Relentless energy that i was recommended by one of the Relentless team.
It was clear from watching the BMX rider that one was much more skilled than the other, i felt sorry for the lesser skilled rider as he hurt himself a little bit from falling off his bike. He got cheers for the effort.Soon after drinking all of the energy drinks my friends and I were very energetic and decided to go play some pool which didn't help much with the massive sugar rush that followed.

Overall the event was very enjoyable, i thought it was well planned and organised for the students and it ended up being a great day.

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