Friday, October 29, 2010

Official opening of Milk Market

The event I have chosen for this assignment is the Official Opening of Milk Market, Limerick which took place in 22nd of Oct. I have found out about this event from the official site of the Milk Market. Limerick City Milk Market is an establishment dating from 1852. Throughout the years The Milk Market has been closed and reopened for several times, it has served even as a parking space. In 2010 The Milk Market was redeveloped and brought to European standards in order to be reopened. In June 2010 the old Milk Market was once again opened.
The Official Opening took place in 22nd of October when Major Mary Byrne along with Environment Minister John Gormely and a few more special guests welcomed everybody to the nice social environment that the Milk Market represents.
The day, even though rainy, was filed with activities like cooking sessions, jazz concert and of course plenty of traditional products. The stands were friendly arranged, and the products hundred percent homemade, so the Milk Market is also about encouraging Limerick visitors and residents to “go green”.
From bread to kintted wear you can find anything in the Milk Market. Amazing assortments of chesses not only looking absolutely tasty but also made only of natural ingredients, freshly

baked bread, homemade jams and marmalades, cakes “begging” to be taken home, scarves and jerseys made of natural fabrics, and artistically designed homemade jewelries are only o few of the products that can be found at the Milk Market.
Stands also had prepared free samples of food for those who were undecided or just a bit hungry. All of this surrounded by a pleasant, friendly, family like atmosphere.

After shopping all this amazing products, a healthy cooking session was offered in case you had no idea what to with the food you just bought. A few easy to prepare dishes were presented for those who are trying to mix healthy cooking and the absolute lack of time. Natural ingredients were combined in an imaginative way resulting in easy to prepare and fantastic looking (not the mention the scent) dishes (unfortunately nobody got to taste them due to healthy regulations).
After spoiling our senses a little bit of relaxation was in order. Music was played live for making the atmosphere even cozier . Jazz rhythms made everything more enjoyable.

To sum up, I’d say the reopening of the Milk Market was a successful event, and the recreating of the informal social gathering that it represents was an excellent idea as the Milk Market was extremely pleasant and relaxing, not to mention all the “goodies” that is has to offer.

Ana Cimpian (10071733)

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