Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Munster's Biggest Fasion Event

The Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick is always a busy place especially on weekends. It's the perfect place for people to meet up, have a coffee and a quick look around the shops. For me, it's the perfect place to find the latest fashions and spend all my hard-earned money buying as much clothes as I can! I admit to being a follower of fashion buying all the relevant magazines and spending hours trying to find the best outfit to wear. So when I read the local paper and saw the advertisement for, "Munster's Biggest Fashion Event", I was so there!!

I set off to the Crescent with my mother and sister (who are also big fashion followers) early one Saturday morning and we did a bit of shopping of our own first! As we walked to the centre of the shopping centre we saw that the catwalk was set up and that Celia Holman-Lee, organiser of the event, former model and local television personality, was instructing the models on which way to walk to the stage and how to look out at the audience and do the necessary stops and turns. Also, I saw a lot of elderly people sitting in the seats around the stage, it looked like they got there early to get their front row seats!!!

The Crescent quickly began to fill up and the show began. Models came out one after the other and walked along the red carpet that was lain out and made their way to the catwalk. Music was blasted out through speakers while one man commented on the models and told us about the clothes they were wearing and the shops they came from. The crowds began to get bigger as time went on and the models kept coming out. Each shop in the shopping centre was represented. Models came out wearing the new arrivals from each shop. The atmosphere was great and it really made me want to go out and buy more!!!

To finish the whole show off a dance troop came out to entertain the crowd. They danced to Rihanna's "Disturbia" and were a real crowd pleaser! All in all it was a great day out and I would highly recommend it to anyone with any sort of interest in fashion as this is an annual show which showcases the latest trends and new arrivals into each of the shops. It's a definite must for any fashionistas out there!
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