Thursday, October 28, 2010

Limerick Artisans Craft Fair - 28/10/2010

Today I visited the Artisan’s Fair in the Limerick Milk Market. This fair is held on the last Thursday of every month in the newly renovated, and now roofed Milk Market.

I found out about the event via this LINK.

Whereas the weekend market at this location mainly consists of selling food and drink, the Artisan’s market celebrates artistic creations and culture from around the city and country. There are stalls set up everywhere with the likes of home made jewellery, ornaments and paintings from Limerick’s very own artists. One particular thing that caught my eye was a man selling posters. The posters were large, and designed to be pinned up on your bedroom wall, or wherever suits. Some of the posters were licensed, but others were originals, with artists depictions of various pop culture items and icons. I found them to be very interesting.

The market displayed the very best talent that Limerick has to offer in terms of home made crafts, tools and jewelery. Such things didn't appeal to me as much, but I admire the people who do it. There was a real sense of passion and culture at the fair amongst buyers and sellers alike.

A great addition to the fair was the music on offer. When you walk in, you are faced with a group of musicians playing guitars and banjos playing traditional Irish music. It was apparent that these people weren't professional musicians, as there was a cloth in front of them inviting people to spare some change. Again, I admire their devotion and passion. The music was a very enjoyable part of the fair and really added to the atmosphere.

I went to the fair late in the day, which perhaps wasn't the ideal time. I figure that it's far busier during the afternoon. Still, the fair proved to be of interest, and has quite a bit to offer. They even have the likes of face painters for children during the day. The location is perfect, with the roof keeping out the rain and a cafe upstairs to relax and grab a bite to eat. All in all, the Artisans Craft Fair is a good day out for all, or at least checking out for it's warm atmosphere alone.

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