Thursday, October 28, 2010

I recently attended the Limerick Live Festival which was the host to some of Ireland’s most talented artists and musicians. The event was organised by HMV, Dolan’s Pub and the Limerick City Council which really got behind the the acts to ensure a very successful day. The event started off in Cruises Street at around 2pm. The weather was looking grim at the start but cleared off just in time. A marquee tent was erected in the centre of the street to ensure the performers and their instruments were kept dry.

Limerick Bands such as “Supermodal Twins”, “Windings” and “We Should Be Dead” took to the stage and had everyone hooked for the duration of their performances. Dublin band “Fight Like Apes” put on an amazing energetic show with the majority of the crowd singing along to their songs. It was great to see all the smiling faces as people of all ages stopped to capture a glimpse of the days festivities.

As I walked further down the street , I came upon another stage which had Theatre Performers, Comedians and Artists so there was a great variety of acts for everyone.

As night fell, the festivities continued in Dolan’s Warehouse, were the bands which had performed on the on Cruises Street played a second gig for those who had missed out the first time. The atmosphere in the venue was spectacular, the dance floor was packed and everyone was in great spirits. After the last band finished their set, the guest DJ played a set which consisted of trippy visuals animating in sync to the beat of the music. It’s great to see entertainment being brought to the streets and venues in Limerick as it brings out the best in people. I thoroughly enjoyed the day as a whole and cannot wait for Limerick Live 2011.

Garry Carroll

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