Friday, October 29, 2010

The French Connection

I attended the French Connection Art Exhibition on Sunday the 10th of October. The exhibition was held at the Hunt Museum on Rutland Street Limerick. Using Google maps and google street view i was able to locate the Museum with no problems.

Google Map

Before i went to the exhibition i looked it up on the web, where i found this very interesting catalogue


After reading the catalogue i was dead set on seeing the Art exhibition. The Museum itself was very old and you could tell from the cracks in the walls and ceilings it has been around along time 136 years to be exact.

The art in the exhibition was impressionism which happens to be my favorite style. I have been to other exhibitions of impressionist art in the National Gallery of Ireland, one exhibition been Jack B Yeats Irelands most famous artists.

The exhibition started at 3 o clock and admission was 6.25 with my student card. I saw a variety of different scenes and my favorite is of the painting depicting the Hunt museum. It was painted by Thomas Hovenden and is called "The Story of the Hunt".

I was aslo prevledged to see one of my favorite artists Charles Lamb RHA, I found his art to be different and intense.

Alot of the paintings relate to the French \ Ireland Connection and the gallery was host to Artists all over the world. It was a great theme for the exhibition

I wasn't aloud to take Photos in the gallery but I managed locate some pictures off the web which were at the exhibition.

The Hunt museum did a great job holding this event and in all the exhibition exceeded my expectations! and I really enjoyed it. I hope this exhibition comes back to limerick. I will be the first person lined up and I would recommend everyone to go see it.

Thomas Conroy


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