Friday, October 29, 2010

Arthur's Day 2010 - A Limerick Event

Almost every Irish person over the legal drinking age knows about Arthur's Day..and so we should! A day dedicated to the man who brought us our national drink, Guinness.
As if we needed an excuse, this glorious day gives students a free pass to spend an evening drinking copious amounts of stout "in celebration" of Arthur Guinness. In preparation of this mighty night, I decided to consult the web for ideas on where to visit and which venues would have the best celebrations. I simply googled "Arthur's Day in Limerick " and was presented with various websites advertising the event. The most helpful one I found was by the Limerick Co-Ordination Office and offered a list of the most popular pubs in town and exactly what they had planned for the evening. So, plan in hand, I gathered up my house mates and we left for an evening filled with all things Irish.

Our first point of call was our very own Stables Club here on campus. The bar was packed wall to wall with students full of the joys of stout, some wobbly young men had clearly been celebrating the entire day. The drinks promotions began as we were offered a free pint of Guinness at 17.59 in remembrance of the day's namesake,and there were plenty more to follow.

After the dutiful screams of "To Arthur" as a toast to the patron of the day, we left The Stables and headed to our next destination, Flannery's Bar in Limerick city. This bar had been mentioned on the first website I visited, and after looking into it further at
I decided it would be a good place to visit. The setting was perfect, modern enough to please the young crowd yet still holding on to that traditional feel which was so vital to the evening's activities. Traditional Irish Music was played on the ground floor by a group of local musicians with outstanding talent. The oh-so-familiar sound of the fiddle and bodhran let everyone inside forget about the 21st century Ireland we were part of, and took us back to the care free years of Arthur Guinness.

After a few pints of "the black stuff" in Flannery's we headed back closer to home and popped in to The Lodge, our local watering hole for those living in Kilmurry Village. There the celebrations continued well into the night.

Arthur's Day was celebrated mainly in Cork, Dublin and Galway, with huge drinks promotions and gigs by well known bands and artists. But I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my Guinness themed night out in Limerick city. Can't wait for next year!

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