Thursday, October 27, 2011

UniGolf Castletroy

I have never had a huge interest in golf as it was always my father’s sport, a sport for old men with beer bellys and the ability to wear ridiculous clothing, while hitting a tiny white ball around an 18 hole golf course. However, as I returned from my home in Kildare back to Limerick for the week with my father, he spotted a sign for a golf club by the name of UniGolf, and out of curiosity asked, “Do you know where that is?” At the time I didn’t know the whereabouts of the club, and in complete honesty it didn’t interest me in the slightest!

However, one night while a group of us were walking to the Lodge we passed UniGolf. Now knowing the location, this week, my curiosity got the better of me, and I began to do some research into Uni-Golf. For this reason, on the 26th of October, I paid a visit to UniGolf

Located right next door to U.L in the National Technology Park, UniGolf has a range of different facilities and means of entertaining groups of friends, family, or even just ones-self with their numerous golf simulators and 18 putting greens.

 While it was never something that interested me before, I thought it was great fun to relax and work on the “perfect swing” The venue is something that I think could appeal to anyone as I genuinely don’t have an interest in golf, yet still had an extremely enjoyable time. I plan to go back there again with a group of people.

As a means of entertainment it’s quite convenient for me as a resident of Kilmurry Village as it is right beside my accommodation. The prices are quite reasonable, even for a student, once you don’t make your visits too frequent with a rate of €7.50 for 18 holes for students, and €10 for adults. The venue is open 11:00 am to 10:00 pm each day.

Here is a video of the indoor course itself. Its layout and design were quite unusual for what is essentially a mini golf course. For this reason the layout and design also interested me.

All in all i believe that my journey to UniGolf was a successful one and i plan to return there at some stage.

(11134526 - CJ Hartigan)

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