Friday, October 28, 2011

The Scholars Club

The Scholars Club (also knows as Java's) is located on the campus of University of Limerick in the student courtyard. During the day the Scholars Club is the perfect place to take a load off with a nice hot meal, a cup of tea or even a sneaky pint between lectures, and once the sun starts dropping the Scholars Club gets in gear and provides many great entertaining nights for the students of UL.

 The Scholars Club knows how to keep its customers entertained with a great musical act called Hermitage Green enlisted to provide great tunes on a regular basis. Along with many performances from members of the Trad Society. If your big into your trad music you willll love what the Scholars Club has to offer.

The Scholors Club also puts on great events for all the holidays, recently they embraced Oktoberfest and put on a week long spectacle in celebration. in order to capture the Oktoberfest feel the staff dressed up for the occasion and they imported different German beers and set up a range of drinking games to keep the crowd entertained. They also have a DJ comin in for there halloween booz up where they are throwing competitions for best costumes and giving out drink dirt cheap to ensure that everyone who attends has a great night. The Scholars Club knows how to live it up and how to fill the place ensuring the craic will be had!

So wether you just want to relax between lectures with a nice cup of coffee, fill your stomach after a hard day studying with great food, or looking to forget all about the pressure of assignments and tests with a few drinks and a bit of banter the Scholars Club provides it all. So be sure to pop in, have some craic, and enjoy what the Scholars Club has to offer!

John Mason (10131655)

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