Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moody Cow Milkshakes!

Limerick is a city with a lively culture and a rich history. The city itself is full of momentous attractions that complete a full list of stops on a walking tour that would be sure to keep visitors busy for hours.  Many of which have already been talked about on this Blog. Such as King Johns Castle, which was erected in 13th century and sits on the banks of the Shannon river. Which may be one of the most impressive sites in all of Limerick.

Then there’s the famous Hunt Museum that is home to many wonderful pieces of art, and the “Broken heart” sculpture that created to remember all the souls lost during the great famine.

There is also numerous churches and statues that I have visited that are all great examples of the history and legendary landmarks of Limerick. However, I have decided to do my blog post on something a little more light hearted and fun! I have decided to do my blog post on something that I would like to call a little hidden treasure of Limerick. A place that would be sure to turn heads as you pass by, and be sure to invoke the emotions of childhood all over again with a simple visit.
The place I have chosen is none other then Moody Cow Milkshakes.  On my very first tour through Limerick I spotted this shop and my attention was instantly focused on trying to remember exactly where it was so that I could go back and visit before I left. That is exactly what I did. 

I visited the Moody Cow Milkshakes and just as I had suspected it was even better then I could have imagined. This is not just your average milkshake shop, when you go in there its an experience! When you walk in you are not just drawn in by the fun colors and fun signs, but by the entire wall full of candy. Yes, almost every type of candy you could dream of putting into a milkshake was there at your disposal. Being someone who is terrible at making decisions it took me a while to decide exactly what I wanted. While I stood there trying to decide what candy combination I wanted to create I noticed there already selected combinations on the wall. The name of these treats were so clever that I couldn’t help but give a good laugh and chose one of them, just out of simple amusement from their creative names. Names such as ‘Plain white Tees’ or ‘Fly me over the Moon’, I ended up choosing the ‘Born in the USA’ one. Considering I was “Born in the USA” and that Peanut Butter Cups are my all time favorite candy I knew it would be a perfect treat! It was! 

 There were no disappointments on my end @themoodycow! I know there are a lot of great spots to visit in Limerick and some with great history and stories behind them, but I feel that places like The Moody Cow shouldn’t be left out! Although it may not have the years full of history, it does not lack charm and has its own unique character that is sure to put a smile on your face and give you a great little pick-me-up! Or if you do decide to visit and do the walking tour of Limerick and hit all of the typical tourist spots, be sure to stop in to The Moody Cow at the end and treat yourself to a little something special. I promise you, it’s worth it!

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