Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jackman Park

Jackman Park is a football ground located on Lower Carey's Road in Limerick City. It is the home of Limerick F.C. and is also used for various other grades of football in Limerick such as women's international games. It is situated beside Limerick Train station (Colbert Station) and the station is visible from almost everywhere inside the football ground. The capacity of the ground is approximately 2,500 consisting of mostly standing area and a 250 seater stand. The ground is owned by the Limerick District Management Committee. Teams such as West Ham United F.C. and Celtic F.C. have played competitive matches at Jackman Park.

In the 1970's the ground was owned by Crescent College before they relocated to Crescent College Comprehensive. Old Crescent R.F.C. played their fixtures there and the ground was known as Priory Park at this time. In 1989 it underwent renovations and floodlights were installed.

The first time I visited Jackman Park was about three years ago. I went with a few friends from school to see a Limerick F.C. match and i must admit that my first impressions of the ground were not entirely positive. At this time the stand had not been built yet and instead there was a shed. Indeed, Jackman Park was not much of a spectacle to behold but once the match had begun that didn't really matter. Everyone was there for one reason and it wasn't to look at a beautiful stadium it was to witness the beautiful game being played, well, as beautiful as League of Ireland First Division Football can get.

Admittedly i haven't been to Jackman Park in quite a while now but some of the memories I have of matches there I will remember for a long time to come. This weekend could possibly be Limerick F.C.'s last home game there as it is rumored they will return to the Markets Field in Garryowen. They take on Waterford United this Saturday Night, October 29th, in the last game of the season. 

The move to the Markets Field is one that has been speculated for a couple of years and it is probably best for the club as there seems to be little interest in redeveloping Jackman Park. I look forward to the move and believe it is a step forward for one of Limericks great sports clubs.

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