Thursday, October 27, 2011

Limerick City Skatepark

Limerick City Skatepark

 I’ve always had an interest in alternative sports such as skating and BMX, I think I find them more unique and innovative than the normal everyday sports such as soccer, rugby, hurling etc. So I naturally wanted to look it up on the internet and see what was in the city to do with these sports, and to my surprise I came across Limerick City Skatepark A.K.A Mount Kennett Skatepark. I found that the park is located in Mount Kennett in Limerick City just off the Dock Road. The park was completed in 2008 after two years of protesting by the local youth,I found this out from an old Bebo page that somebody had created for the park a few years back, they had supposedly been asking limerick city council for a Skatepark for the past ten years, because they were fed up of having to travel to places like Dublin and Cork to skate, They also felt it was a long and costly journey to Dublin if you were to go on a regular basis. They also felt that it was ridiculous that the city didn’t have a Skatepark already as most big towns in Ireland had at least one. They won the battle and once the park was completed it didn’t take long for it to kick off and on 22nd of August 2009 a little over a year after its completion the park hosted a national skateboarding championship event.
It was the first ever in the city and there were many big brand sponsors sponsoring the event and it greatly promoted the park and alternative sports in the city. The event also encouraged tourism in the city as nowadays people from other counties all over the country come down to skate the park and see the city as compared to a few years ago where anybody who skated in Limerick had to travel elsewhere.

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