Thursday, October 28, 2010

Acoustic Sessions in the Hurlers

I think when most people signed up for Music, Media and Performance Technology here in UL we all pictured a course where you could play your respective instrument, have the craic and generally enjoy music as a medium. However, this has proven to be a mistake on my and quite a few people’s part. There is in fact very little music in our course (at the moment) and we have little opportunity to express ourselves artistically. It is up to each individual to find there own avenue of musical expression.

We are quite lucky in UL that we have quite a variety of musical events to choose from. I purely by chance decided to go to the Acoustic Session in the Hurlers Bar in Castletroy. It was an event that I was vaguely familiar with, not through experience but through people talking about it. If I’m being honest I saw this as an opportunity to kill to birds with one stone, so to speak. I felt I could do this assignment and still experience an event I had heard so much about!

I went to the acoustic session on the 27th of October 2010. It was an extremely enjoyable experience that to be perfectly honest took me by surprise. I did not expect the standard of music that was on display that night. It really was a fantastic standard. The night started as quite a lot of session’s do, with a few musicians taking the initiative and beginning to play. At first it was more of a solo affair with some players still finding their feet. But as time went on more players came into the pub and more people (like me) came into enjoy the music. As more musicians filtered into the pub the quality seemed to improve rather than be lost on the crowd. There was a whole range of music that seemed to cater to most tastes. There were a number of instruments on display and no musician was left out. The instruments ranged from mandolins to cajons to guitars. It was a sheer delight to listen to the musicians and I was tempted to join in even though I am a predominantly Irish Traditional player.

It was an extremely enjoyable night that I would recommend to any music player/lover that wants to experience the raw talent that is on display here in UL. We don’t get many opportunities to play music in our course so the opportunity to play music with fellow music lovers is one not to be missed.

Fiachra Kavanagh (10108718)

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