Friday, November 4, 2011

Limerick City Rehearsal Studios

Found in an old Franciscan Monastery on Henry Street, LCRS has been set up by musicians for musicians. The two available studios have been extremely well treated. With the dense dead sound, these rooms are perfectly suited for jamming sessions.
      The larger of the room features a full size pa including tops, bins, amps and an SM58 vocal microphone. Guitar and bass amplifiers are provided if necessary. Also included in the rental of the room is a 4 piece Pearl Masters drum kit. Drummers must bring their own breakables such as drumsticks and cymbals.

 Located upstairs is the bands chillout area where bands are free to take a break, sit down and relax during their long sessions in the rehearsal studios. With its dimly lit lights and the amazing artwork on the wall, I felt this room is an excellent facility to talk comfortably with your bandmates and reflect on your work.

Rates are very resonable in this amazingly kitted facility.
   Rates start at 8euro an hour with a minimum of two hours rehearsal time required. If you book for five hours or more the session will cost 35 euro.
                Amps are available upon request at 5euro a unit but you must bring your own guitars.

I would strongly encourage any band to test out this amazing facility. Its almost a guarantee that you will not find better quality for the money.

Currently I have not been able to find a website for LCRS, but I have been able to find the contact details for bookings.

Contact Simon on  0851531411 or via e-mail at
Other details may be found at the following link:

by Andrew Farrell (11113588) email:

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