Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The belltable

Two weeks ago i received a phone call from my parents saying they would be visiting me in limerick. i was dreading it. my parents are quite bohemian in their ways and i wasn't looking forward to them meeting my more conventional housemates. luckily when they arrived they didn't enter the house as they had booked tickets for  something in the city. knowing them i was in for some sort of arty ... theatre .. exihition type thing so i wasn't too excited. fortunately it ended up to be a foreigne film with subtitles. slightly better!

we arrived on o'connels st. at the beautifully designed doors of the Belltable theatre. the doors contrasted bright red doors & stained glass with classical arches and collumbs.

The reception of the Belltable is far from boring with quirky photography on the walls. There is also tea and coffee while you wait for the showing (Unfortunatley only instant coffee).

We were seated in a 100 person cinema , and instead of the usual advertisments we were greeted by a member of staff introducing the film, i found this a breath of fresh air compared to the usual cineplexes.  The film they were showing that evening was ''Incendies'' a staggeringly powerful film, which i would highly recomend. maybe not for those looking for a conventional feel good film. 

I left the Belltable being totally blown away by the film. also very satisfied with the atmosphere of the theatre. 

Kyle Tyther

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