Thursday, October 27, 2011


When some of my friends and I we're driving round looking for something fun to do, we came across this big warehouse type building which said Unigolf. We did not for one minute think that it was an indoor Golfing facility which could be used by anybody.

When we went in we were extremely surprised to see a really artificial Golf course which was surrounded by artificial animals and trees which was made to look like a nature reserve and was done very well.

Unigolf opened in January 2007, an innovative facility bringing the world of golf indoors.  At Unigolf Club we boast 18 putting greens and whether you are visiting on your own, with family or friends, we would be delighted to welcome you to experience a truly unique experience. 

UniGolf is located right next to the University of Limerick in the National Technology Park, Castletroy. You can use the facility whether you are a professional and want to spend some time practising in their latest hi-tech specification golf simulators or whether you are just wanting to have a little game of golf with your friends. There is something for everyone at Unigolf Club.
In conjunction with Donal McSweeney PGA ,whether you are an advanced golfer or just want to learn the basics, their Teaching Academy caters for all ages.

We had a great time while we were at the UniGolf Club and were really impressed with their state of the art Golfing simulators, we were so impressed that we signed up for a two month Golf training course.

The Golf Shop at Unigolf Club has a host of golf products and souvenirs with an exclusive range of  golfing apparel and gift ideas. We stock leading brands from Cutter & Buck and Glenmuir to Chervo, the leading golfwear manufacturer in Italy.

The UniGolf Club also hold a host of different golfing competitions to spot the new up and coming pros. The competitors must go round the course with a marker who will mark down the score then the person with the best score wins a cash prize.

Ashley Kelly (11102896)

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