Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Texas Steakout Restaurant

As a first year student moving from Co. Mayo to the city of Limerick, I decided I would do a little research on things to do and places to go, as my surroundings were all new to me. One aspect I was particularly keen on finding information on was the food. I wanted to find a nice restaurant in the city that would serve up a good quality meal while not putting too much of a dent in my funds.

While browsing on, I came across a restaurant that ticked all the boxes. Situated on O’Connell Street, right in the heart of Limerick City, the Texas Steakout Restaurant provides a warm and comfortable location that caters for all ages and tastes. Their highly trained staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and this combined with a delicious menu and relaxed atmosphere, ensures that you won’t be disappointed in any aspect of your visit.

I also found the Texas Steakout  Facebook page very helpful with information on things such as the menu, and information about the staff employed there.

The restaurant was established in 1988 and has since made a very good name for itself in the Limerick dining scene. Its unique Wild West theme offers a more interesting atmosphere to your typical restaurant. While its name and theme would suggest a limited choice on the menu, this is not the case. The Texas Steakout offers a wide range of dishes from chicken and fish, to vegetarian meals and even a Mexican menu.

Having read all the information and reviews on the restaurant, I was extremely keen to visit the Texas Steakout myself and see if it was as good as I had heard.

On the 20th September 2011, myself and my sister visited the Steakout for the first time. As we entered the building, we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who brought us to our seats. I quickly discovered the unique theme and atmosphere of the restaurant that I had read about in my research. The menu’s large variety of dishes made it a tough decision on what to choose, which is always a good complaint. After much thought, I eventually decided on a steak meal. It didn’t disappoint. The comfortable setting and fine quality of our meal made it a very pleasant and enjoyable evening, for a very reasonable price.

Since that first visit in September, I have made the Texas Steakout a regular of mine when eating out in the city. With its friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere and delicious, reasonably  priced menu, the Texas Steakout is a restaurant of the finest quality, and one I would recommend to everybody.

Martin Owens (11149655)

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