Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lava Javas, Limerick

Lava Javas, Lower Glentworth Street, Limerick

Lava Javas is Limerick's only youth café. Open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to all teenagers from Limerick, this café allows a nice relaxed area for young people to hang out. Run by Limerick Youth ServiceLava Javas is a drug and alcohol free environment for young people. It can be found on Lower Glentworth Street, Limerick. Here's a map for your convenience :)

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Lava Javas is a great venue for Limerick's teenagers and they are always hosting gigs, concerts, film nights etc in order to keep us young ungs entertained. Most of their gigs are quite cheap for only €3 to €5 but their last gig, which was headlined by Miracle Bell,was more expensive due to the scale of the gig, which was hosted in Dolan's Warehouse. I unfortunately couldn't make it due to other commitments but I heard it was a great gig!

Mid game, planning my next move
Many free games can be played here; such as Scarabble, Connect 4, Chess, Pool, Checkers, etc. On Wednesdays there is also to priveldge to study in Lava Javas; for free. Lava Javas is a relaxing place to hang out as there are many comfortable couches and speakers which music can be played from.

Scrabble has to be where I spend most of my time in the Youth Café, my friends and I fight to be top of the leaderboard and we're generally quite competitive when it comes to Scrabble.

Our Scrabble Board.
The owners of the café recently bought us a Scrabble dictionary (Although before this we used an online version) to keep us content that words such as vrouw, xi, oda, etc do in fact exist and are acceptable words in Scrabble (Unfortunately proper nouns are not acceptable so names cannot be used.)

The most amusing use of this dictionary was when we found the verb "to hades." To Hades, is to deviate from the horizontal or the vertical. How are you supposed to use that in a sentence?

While Scrabble is my most played game in Lava Javas I also play draughts from time to time, unfortunately I'm not as good at draughts.

Fright Night!
Also this Friday, the 28th of October there is a "Fright Night" taking place, from 6pm to 10pm The price for entry is €5 if you're in costume or €6 without! (There's a prize for best costume so it makes sense to dress up!) There are great events planned for the night such as games (Silent Killer should be fun!) There will also be performances such as Poi and zombie dancing :)

But what else does Limerick Youth Service do other than keep Lava Javas open? Here's a video to explain it all! There are many other services offered by  Limerick Youth Service (which can be found on their website, twitter: @limerickyouth, and their youtube channel!

I hope to see you guys there some day! (We're not scary, I promise!)

Colin Doherty (11115122)

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