Thursday, October 27, 2011

Steamboat Music, Limerick

Located next to the River Shannon, Steamboat Music is a small yet productive business that I visited for this assignment.

Why I selected Steamboats?
Well personally I have always been a fan of music and how instruments are crafted and made and when I was first told about this place I felt almost compelled to going!
The businesses broad range of acoustic to electric instruments really grabbed my attention from the start.

My Personal Experience
My first experience of this business was approximately 3 years ago, when I purchased my first acoustic guitar. In spite of the business had been around for no longer than 7 years at this stage, the quality and professionalism of the staff was of grade A standard. Their assistance an insight helped me greatly and they were more than happy to allow me to test the sound of the instruments I was interested in.
After visiting then, on several occasions after that event, the staff have been more than grateful in assisting me in whatever problems I may have.

About Steamboat Music
Due to its highly trained staff, Steamboat Music not only takes part in the buying and selling of instruments but also of the refurbishing and maintenance of a broad range of instruments. Whether it may be a deficiency in the material of the instrument or an electrical malfunction, Steamboats has the answer.
Although somewhat of a small business, Steamboats has had some highly interesting visits in the past. For example, not only has the business helped in the promotion of small time bands but also in some of the maintenance of bigger bands for example Thin Lizzy.

The location too is also easily accessible as it lies right beside the River Shannon and 5-Star Clarion Hotel beside the waterfront.

And with the "Facebook Crazed" society we live in nowadays , the businesses own Facebook page allows anyone to access all information about SteamboatMusic.
 Similarly the website enables the user to also buy equipment and receive any other contact information necessary.
If any further details are required, or for those interested, please do not hesitate to click the Steamboat Music Website Link and explore for yourself what this business has to offer.

Stuart Duffy - 11123761

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