Monday, October 24, 2011

National Kart Centre Limerick

The event that I have chosen was undertaken on Thursday the 20th of October 2011, I have chosen the National Kart Centre (NKC) in Limerick because of my keen
interest in motorsport and
due to the
compliments I have came across about the centre.

Since I arrived at UL I was anxious to find a facility that deals with some form of motorsport and through various internet searches I came across a forum complimenting the NKC, the boards thread showed numerous pictures of the track and many comments on kart performance, track layout etc.

Following on from the thread I googled the NKC's website. The website is layed out well and gives plenty of useful information. Finding that the track was situated roughly 10 minutes from UL campus I was eager to visit it. The opportunity arose when the UL racing and motorsport society posted a facebook status saying that they were organising an endurance race on Thursday the 20th so I
placed my name down for the event. On arrival to the track we were welcomed, preped and soon ready to race.

The teams were picked and the endurance race began, each team had total control over their kart, fuelling, pit-stops etc. which I found added immensely to the atmosphere of it all. The adrenaline flowed through each one of us as we battled to gain the best time and most laps. The event continued for over an hour with 5 karts at a time racing and constant changes in team drivers, each team with different tactics. We all thoroughly enjoyed the event and will definitely be going again in the near future. Not only does the track hold races but also a national prodrift karting competition is being held there soon. An example of the centres karts in action is linked to this youtube video.

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