Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lodge Nightclub.

Assignment 2: Internet Resources connected to Limerick.

The Lodge Nightclub in Limerick City uses the internet as a resource on regular occasions. It is often seen to promote drink offers and special nights out on the social website Facebook and also uses Twitter where it has 148 followers. On their Twitter account they announced that they are launching a new website which will further engage them with using the internet as a resource.

On Thursday 27th of March the local newspaper entitled the Limerick Leader published an article about the numerous assaults which were occurring in the Lodge nightclub. A judge warned the licensee of the nightclub at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel that if the recent ongoing problems at the premises—which saw five serious assaults occur there in the previous 3 months—were not resolved, it would be shut down. This was not good publicity for the nightclub which claimed to be the best one of its kind in the city of Limerick. The news got worse for the popular dance spot when it emerged that between December 20th 2007 and March 18th 2008, five serious assaults took place resulting in many young people being seriously injured, and that 2 of these victims were underage patrons.  “In the overall context since mid 2007 the Henry Street Garda Station District has dealt with 17 assaults causing bodily harm and five of them have been in the Kilmurry Lodge. Henry Street covers the city centre and areas as far Castleconnell," said Inspector John Kerin who was investigating the incidents. Pat Hoare, who is the licensee of the nightclub admitted that it was very difficult to keep track of the amount of underage drinkers going through the doors, seeing as the Lodge sees on average, around 50,000 people go through their doors on an annual basis. "Our night club is the one in Limerick that caters to the 18-23 years olds. Our customers are not sitting down with handbags and suits—they are a bit more lively than that," he said. These events were not good publicity for The Lodge Nightclub.

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