Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Living Bridge UL


Brief Intro:
The Living Bridge is in the University of Limerick and allows students and faculty and other public people to access each side of the river Shannon that the UL campus entails. The Living Bridge has been recognised as the longest pedestrian bridge in Ireland.

How it came about:
The living bridge was designed by London architects i.e. Wilkinson Eyre architects it was built by Eiffel Construction. The bridge spans across for 350 metres with piers at every 50 metres. The project was completed in 2007. It has been and still is a huge success.


Wilkinson Eyre architects Info:
The objective of the bridge was to create a unique path in which the structure and lighting and general use of the bridge was different to the norm. The bridge is designed in cohesion with the flow of the river Shannon it moves slightly, adding the living effect to the project. The lights portray a spectacular glow at night the colours are range from green to purple. Also featured in the design are several benches for resting and socialising. The following gives an alternate account of the living bridge.

Wilkinson Construction n.d., London, accessed 26 October 2011,

This bridge is accessible to any member of the public and the students and faculty of the university. It has been estimated to be a 4 minute walk across the bridge each way. It is now used as part of running circuits for races, training and so on. I personally use the bridge several times a day on going and returning from lectures.

University of Limerick site:
For more information on the Living Bridge form the University of Limericks’ perspective a link has been provided below.

University of Limerick n.d, Limerick, accessed 26 October 2011,

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