Friday, October 28, 2011

Cruise Street

Why did i choose Cruise street for my assignment?

Cruise Street is a prime shopping area in Limerick city. It opened in 1993 and has been thriving since. It has a huge range of shops from the top fashion shops like River Island and Wallis to mobile phone and software shops like Vodafone, O2 and Game. And for fine cuisine theres the culinary delights of McDonalds and Subway! I'v been to Limerick City a number of times and always found myself here.
My experience of Cruise street
After a long day in college my friends and I decided  to treat ourselves to a trip to the city centre. It was three in the afternoon and we left for the bus. The hot and cramped bus was just a minor offset to our day. We got dropped off at Williams Street and we quickly made our way top the nearest McDonalds for a cooling McFlurry. Luckily the McDonalds is right at the foot of Cruise street. Heres me standing awkwardly!

As the time past the cold october air started to kick in and we decided to find refuge in HMV. We glanced around the wide music selection for twenty minutes or so until we decided to move on. We then proceeded to walk around Cruise Street and window shop, but thats to the college lifestyle I had no money to buy anything! 

Due to the time we arrived the streets were packed with students and we found ourselves in a swarm of uniforms. As the clock hit five the shops began get quiet so we decided to sum up the courage and take the bus back home which was uncomfortable as ever. Overall though i enjoyed my day in Cruise Street despite the bumps along the way. Heres a picture of my foot as i walk home.

Ray Dineen (11127465)

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