Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costello's tavern

Costello's tavern is located in the city centre of Limerick (map)and is well know of it's good mellow environment and great music.
Costello's is different than all the other pubs and clubs in Limerick by the music and the arty interior. It has 2 floors. On ground floor there is a pub, beer pong area and smoking area and on first floor there is a dancehall, smoking area and a pub.It is very popular among the people who have musical or arty background. But not necessarily only arty people go there. Costello's tavern is run by Flan Costello and most of his family. Flan moved with his family from New York back to Limerick in 1970 and that is the year when he opened Costello's. As he have had this place for more than
40 years, he has put into this place his heart and soul. Flan has worked as a horse trainer and that's why if you go to downstairs to a pub you can see lot's of pictures of horses and equipment within racing. Horse racing has been Flan's number one hobby for years and he is well known as a brilliant horse trainer.

In Costello's they don't serve only drinks and good music, but food as well. Carvery lunch is served from noon till 3 pm. and sandwitches are served all night long.

One other good thing is that Costello's is open every day except on Sundays(it's open on Sundays only on bank holiday weekends).
In general over the years Costello's have remained to be very popular place where to go and people who have lived in limerick still go back to Costellos when they are in Limerick. As Flan tsaid " Costello's has remained the same over the years."

Flan Costello is a legend in Limerick!

Egne O. (11149922)


  1. I was wondering how I would be able to let flan know that his son Neil who was born in New York City in 1970 could get in contact with him I don't want anything from him all I want is recognition and an explanation of why he abandoned me as a child that's it I plan to come to Ireland very soon

  2. Tell Flan his son from nyc will be there soon.....

  3. Flan my so-called dad that abandoned me in 1970 before fleet in New York City back to Ireland stop running for me stop sending your family to pay me off I just face me I’m coming to Limerick I have friends there they know you they know your bar my number is 718795393 to call me and stop being a coward and face what you did a banded a child your son Neil Costello