Friday, October 29, 2010

King John's Castle

I was thinking about what interesting thing to write for the assignment when I was searching the Internet at home.I knew a website called Shannon Heritage from a handbook so I went to the website and finally found the right place- King John's Castle.

(the picture is me on King John's Castle)

King John’s Castle is a 13th century Castle on ‘King’s Island’ in the heart of medieval Limerick City. The Castle overlooks the majestic River Shannonoffering wonderful views of Limerick City. Discover history at its best, magnificent views and life in Norman times. Explore 800 years of history brought to life in the imaginative historical exhibition, excavated pre-Norman houses, fortifications, siege mines, and the battlement walks.---------from Shannon Heritage

As an international exchange student from China,I had a deep interest in European castles before I came to Limerick.The magnificent castles with a long history always play an important role in the fairy tales and adventure stories.

I went to King John's Castle with my two friends on weekend.The ticket cost was €6.45 for a student visit.There were some student tourists and many kids with their parents,which made the castle a little noisy but alive.We were firstly welcomed by the staff.Then we got to know the brief history of the castle from a guide.There was a small film theater in the second floor playing videos about the history of Limerick city.

There was a coin making machine on show.You could insert a coin and make a commemorative coin by yourself.But unfortunately it doesn't work that day.We went to the top of the castle and enjoyed the sight of beautiful Shannon river and quiet Limerick street.We took some photos there and lost ourselves in the historic and comfortable atmosphere.

I have to say King John's Castle may be a little small compared to some historical sites in China.But small is beautiful.Its classic and elaborate style impressed me.I view it a great experience to visit King John's Castle.

Here is a funny video about King John's Castle on Youtube : )


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