Friday, October 28, 2011

Medicare Pharmacy

The place that I have chosen for my assignment is medicare pharmacy in Castletroy. When I was first given the assignment I looked up which gave me a list of the top 50 things to do in limerick. Originally I had chosen King John's Castle .
However unfortunately I came down with an illness the Sunday before I did my assignment. On the Monday I went to the medical centre in the University of Limerick. The doctor wrote me a prescription for multiple antibiotics. Immediately after this I went to the pharmacy in the university which unfortunately does not stock the antibiotics I needed. So I went back to my house in Plassey Village and asked my housemates if they knew where there was a pharmacy close by. As we are all new to limerick city none of us knew where there was one. So I went to and typed in pharmacy limerick into Google Maps. A good few results came up so I had a look at the ones located close to the college.
I saw that there was a medicare pharmacy that seemed to be very close to my house. Using the phone number I found on the medicare website I rang them up to check if they had the antibiotics in stock. I was in luck the woman on the phone told me that if I had a prescription they would be able to give me the antibiotics on the spot. I then went into Google street view and used that to virtually walk from the pharmacy back to my house in Plassey Village. Which as it turned out was only a 5 minute walk around the corner.
The reason I chose the medicare pharmacy for my assignment is because I thought it was very relevant to what we were asked to do. Being completely new to limerick city I was faced with the task of finding a pharmacy with the antibiotics i needed in stock. I used the virtual world to get all the relevant information, and then used that information to get to the pharmacy in the real world.

David Moore

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