Friday, October 28, 2011

The Magic Shop Limerick|Halloween Costumes & Fancy Dress Ireland

"The Magic Shop": situated on Cecil Street opposite Fla's pub. A small but creative shop on the corner. Owned by Pat Clany and his wife Ann with the help of their son Brian.
The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop Limerick|Halloween Costumes & Fancy Dress Ireland

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Why I choose "The Magic Shop"

As we are approaching halloween we start to notice change about the place. The decorations of plastic skeletons in shop windows and pumpkins with strange looking carved out faces on the pillars of peoples homes lets us know whats in store for us. Magic has always been associated with this time of year and what better place to get your supplies than your very own magic store. Costumes of witches and wizards, characters from films, swords and wands, masks and fake blood. All you need is here in this shop.

My experience

As I wandered into the shop I was greeted by a nice young man named Brian. He was able to inform me of their Facebook page and the website that he set up for his parents to help advertise the shop. Following this I met his father Pat and His mother Ann, both lovely people and very helpful. Pat explained that the shop had been open for thirty four years but they recently had to move. The shop was previously situated on Mallow street for thirty two, but when the landlord died there was an inspection and the premises was deemed unsafe to let out a shop. They have been in Cecil street for the past two years and Pat has no problem what so ever with it. He said "It's great to be on a side street so close to the main one (O'Connell street)". When I asked him a few questions about the his work he told me that they normally open form 10:30am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday Outside halloween. However, from the 21st to the 31st of October he opens from 9:00am - 6:00pm due to the numbers of people in demand for costumes and decorations.  

Laurence O'Malley - 11149558

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